Pain Relief

Life is great! I had a lot of problems with my back and hips. Came to the Healing Rooms at the start of June for prayer. Never had any problems since then. God does answer prayers! Life has been great. There has been peace in my life too.


I had sore feet since October. The pain was very constant whenever I was standing. After prayer at the Healing Rooms in March, my feet have become better day by day. I have been walking a lot since the warm weather came. My feet are nearly completely pain free!! 95-98% there!

J. C.

I came for healing for my very sore and aching feet. My feet hurt so bad I could not get any sleep at night. After receiving prayer for my feet, I finally got to sleep at night. They were 50% better.
After that, I had healing prayer for my congestive heart failure 3 times and for the first time in 4 years, I was able to carry a bag of milk home from the store (3 blocks away).

F. L.

I had severe muscular pain through my left arm which has been ongoing. The wonderful people from the Healing Rooms prayed for my health, my arm, myself and my family. I felt a sharp pain in my left arm and suddenly the pain was gone. I am truly shocked by what occurred and will use prayer to help myself and others in the future.

G. G.

I had neck and shoulder pain for over 2 years and it was getting worse. The pain came back even after I had massage therapy. It was bothering me every moment. I decided to ask for prayers at the Barrie Healing Rooms. At first, I felt better than before, but it was not totally healed yet. But when I was working in front of the computer monitor the next morning, all of a sudden, I found that my neck and shoulder were totally healed. I was free of pain! Praise the Lord and thank you to the brothers who prayed for me the night before.

R. C.

I came into the Healing Rooms for prayer for abdominal pain. When I left, I still had the pain but I received a lot of revelation as to why it was there. Over a period of time, the Lord dealt with some issues in my life that were causing the pain.
Today I have a lot more peace due to the resolution of some issues and there is no more abdominal pain. I am still taking medication but God is still in the process of healing some issues around the problem and I know it won’t be long before I am totally free from that too.
Praise God for His faithfulness. “... who forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases.”

D. B.

I strained my right wrist playing hockey 3 weeks ago. It has continued to ache and throb. I came into the Healing Rooms tonight and received prayer.
I left pain-free!!!
Thank you, Lord!

J. S.

God has healed my leg. I don’t feel the pain any more! I thank God for bringing you to me like angels. I thank you for praying for me.
God bless.

B. K.

Glory to God for His double blessings! In September, I asked for prayer for various physical afflictions and God delivered me from neck and back pains. What a pleasure it was to wake up in the morning free from pain in my neck and with the assurance that I would not need to do more neck stretches or exercises, take pain relief remedies or visit my chiropractor.
The gals that prayed for me received encouraging revelations from the Lord regarding my childhood and my faith. God’s blessings and anointing were all over me as I walked out of the Healing Rooms. I received an indication of God’s presence and His encouragement.

A. I.

I came to the Barrie Healing Rooms with incredible pain in the discs at the back of my neck. It was making me dizzy and sick to my stomach.
I thank God for touching me. While being prayed for, I felt the most incredible peace and relief. I felt my spirit as well as my body lifted. While there is still a little residual head pain and dizziness, the back of my neck feels great and I am confident that God has healed me, and as I continue to confess my healing, it will be total and complete.

D. B.

Just prior to coming in to volunteer at the Healing Rooms, I had turned my foot over in a loose fitting clog. Hearing the familiar crunch and experiencing the same pain that I felt years before on the other foot, I hoped for a healing, rather than the usual immobilization of a cast.
It was a “quick work” when 3 ladies of faith joined forces with mine. Pain and swelling immediately left.
The best part was receiving a word of knowledge about “a disorder”, actually a blood condition that I had inherited. The iron in my blood was over 400 and very toxic (creating discomfort and slowed organ function). The latest test showed the count to be 92. I’m believing for NORMAL ­ which is below 50.

A. S.

I had surgery on my right hand a number of years ago. From that point on, I couldn’t open my hand fully and had a lot of pain.
I had prayer ministry at the Barrie Healing Rooms and can fully open my hand and have no pain any more!

D. R.

I had a lot of hip pain until I came to the Barrie Healing Rooms. I believe I was healed by the grace of God. The pain went away instantly and I believe there was a reason for being here today.
It is a new beginning for me. I can now bend for the first time since my auto accident in 1989. The power of God is real. There is no hip pain and no back pain either!

P. W.

I came in not to receive healing, but to learn how to start a healing room. But I had a sore shoulder and sore throat and received prayer. I felt the wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit. My throat is much better and I have no pain in my shoulder!
Praise Jesus!

V. K.

In mid-May, I went to the Healing Rooms with my daughter, intending only to have prayer for her.
For years I’ve had pain in and around my shoulder joints, which chiropractic therapy didn’t relieve and Bowen Technique Therapy only relieved temporarily. Within 24 hours, the pain gradually subsided. It has not been an issue since.
Praise God who is faithful to fulfill His Word.

D. A.

In the spring of 2002, I was involved in a car accident which left me with incredible pain in my left shoulder and neck area. I was unable to sweep floors and do other household chores without pain. It was very difficult to sleep and chronic pain became my companion.
I received prayer at the Barrie Healing Rooms several times and over a period of time, God healed me. I am now able to rake the leaves without pain.
Praise God!

L. F.

In September, I requested prayer for pain in my left shoulder and arm, along with almost total hearing loss to my right ear due to infection. Within a few days, the pain was gone from my shoulder and arm, and partial hearing (60%) returned to my right ear. It has steadily improved to about 75%.
Praise the Lord for his healing touch and for those who facilitated the healing here through prayer.

E. S.

I would like to thank the Lord for opening up the Healing Rooms in Barrie. I was one of the first to receive prayer when it opened. I had a serious problem with my right shoulder. I had lost a lot of movement and could not raise my arm straight up. My doctor sent me for an MRI and for physiotherapy. Ten sessions of physiotherapy did not make the slightest improvement. The MRI showed a tear in the rotor cuff area. I was told that this tear could not be healed without having surgery. I started going weekly to the Healing Rooms for prayer. After four or five sessions, I no longer had pain. I have experienced healing! I am able to raise my right arm just as high as my left.
I also received many words of encouragement for my life as the workers prayed for me. Through their prayers, God was confirming what He was speaking to my heart.
I have since taken the training for the Healing Rooms and enjoy praying for the sick. It’s a real blessing to see how individuals are being touched as they receive prayer.

L. F.

Broken Bones

I broke my left wrist and the initial X-ray showed cracks at the end of the radius, just beyond the fracture. This happened on Friday. I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer on Monday. On Wednesday, my wrist was x-rayed again by the orthopaedic surgeon, who showed us the x-rays. The cracks were no longer visible and when the doctor was questioned about it, he said they would not have healed naturally in that amount of time.
So... I believe that Dr. Jesus healed them and that He will continue healing my wrist quickly!

L. G.


I am praising God because He healed my infected thumb. A painful hangnail resulted in swelling and open flesh. My doctor did freezing on it, which did not help. Later he prescribed antibiotics, which did help the soreness considerably.
But it was still not healing, so I returned to my doctor. He booked an appointment with a plastic surgeon for me. Meanwhile, I came to the Healing Rooms twice for prayer.
Praise the Lord! Through the faithful workers here, God healed my thumb completely BEFORE my appointment with the surgeon ­ I had to cancel that date ­ and did so with great joy!

J. S.


In the spring I was told by my asthma specialist that I would need to go on prednisone again and stay on it for the summer and fall or wear a mask whenever outside or when dusting, vacuuming etc. I chose the mask and the Barrie Healing Rooms. After one visit, I felt a change in my lungs ­ like a release. My husband has commented that my breathing at night is more consistent and relaxed. I feel great and have been able to reduce my medications and have not worn a mask all summer. Thanks Jesus. Your love never fails!

J. W.

Sleep Problems

My sleep has drastically improved. I’m aware of an inner calmness.

C. G.

Bowel Problems

I came to the Healing Rooms after one month of suffering with bowel problems, which were progressively becoming more and more painful. I was unable to stand the pain any longer so I went to the hospital. The doctor took tests and could find nothing wrong. So once again, he came to the conclusion that it was irritable bowel problems. I could not believe that that’s all it was because of the pain. At times I was taking Demerol because of the pain.
I came to the Healing Rooms on a Monday night. God gave me some words through the volunteers and that night I slept in peace and have not suffered since. That was two months ago.

D. B.


My sister-in-law’s sister had a baby girl last week, named Andrea. She was born suffocating since the cord was wrapped around her neck twice. She had seizures and doctors were concerned about brain damage. I felt such a burden for this child.
I called the Healing Rooms and prayed with them. I found out the next day that Andrea was fine the night before… the same day of our prayer. The Lord healed dear, loving, little Andrea. What a miracle! Praise God.

R. G.

Gilles and Sarah were told by the doctor that their 10 week unborn baby was not getting adequate nourishment from the placenta and the tear in her amniotic sac was not allowing the baby to keep all its nourishment. They had highly recommended that Sarah abort the baby... since they had seen many high-risk pregnancies like this that did not make it to term.
The baby’s parents insisted they see another doctor, who suggested that the chances were slim for the baby’s survival and that the fetus would have to reach 600 gr by 35 weeks, at which point they would remove the baby since the chance of survival outside the womb would be better at this stage... However, they really could not see the baby reaching this point at the rate of growth shown at the time.
Sarah and Gilles came to the Barrie Healing Rooms in April and we prayed for this couple and their unborn child. Trusting and believing that God was going to reverse the “Bad Report” and bless them with “Good News”.
On April 30th, Gilles and Sarah gave us their testimony of their latest doctors visit. The doctor was amazed and said, “I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but whatever it is, keep doing it! This is not the same baby we saw last time”. The baby was now 25 weeks and had already reached 521 gr of the 600 gr expected by week 35. The doctor had told them to plan a birth. To date, Sarah and baby are fine and the baby is now 2 lbs and a normal, natural delivery is expected.
Thank you, Jesus!

G and S. P


I’ve had an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), and was on medication for it for several years. When I learned that Jesus still heals today through prayer, I began to believe that I could be healed from this condition. Medical professionals say that this condition is irreversible and incurable. Both my doctors always told me that "it won't get any better but it could get worse”.
However, late last year, I visited the Barrie Healing Rooms for the first time and received prayer for my thyroid problem. I had blood tests done during my next physical in April this year and was told by my doctor that my thyroxin levels have returned to normal. I had been off the medication for more than half a year by then. My doctor encouraged me to have the tests done again in about three months just to be sure. These tests also confirmed that I officially don't need the medication any more. God healed my thyroid problem. There are no more symptoms. The Great Physician did what doctors thought was impossible!

D. S.

I’ve been here twice. The first time was in January. I’ve been healed of fibromyalgia and thyroid problems.
Praise God for He is faithful. I love you, Lord!

K. B.

Heart Problems and Stroke

A woman with a serious heart condition needed surgery on the walls of her heart. After receiving prayer at the Barrie Healing Rooms, she no longer needs the surgery. She very much appreciated the prayers she received.
I recently received prayer from the Barrie Healing Rooms team for complete recovery from a minor heart attack.
Praise God, I have been healed. I recovered very quickly and I believe that God has given me a new heart.
Thank you for your prayers. Thank you, Jesus, for your healing touch!

M. S.

I had healing prayer for my congestive heart failure 3 times and for the first time in 4 years, I was able to carry a bag of milk home from the store (3 blocks away).

F. L.

On Monday, in the morning, I suffered a mini-stroke which clouded my reasoning abilities. I was first taken to my family doctor in the early afternoon and then to Emergency, where the problem was discovered. I was later released (lack of bed space) and told to return on Thursday morning for tests. That Monday evening I came to the Healing Rooms for prayer. Thursday morning, after the tests at the hospital, I was given a clean bill of health and by Wednesday I was back to work.
Praise and glory to our Great Physician, Jesus Christ!

E. S.


I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer that spread into my abdomen in March. My percentage of survival was very minimal, seeing that I was coming to my last stages of cancer.
I was introduced to the Healing Rooms by three people. God was good to keep me alive until I finally decided to go see what it was all about in October.
What an experience I had! I was grateful for the team praying with me and I was expecting a healing.
In November, I was given a report from the doctors with a clean bill of health. I beat all the odds... The doctor’s words exactly were “Dramatic results”.
The doctors are doing tests on me to see what has happened. I should tell them to save the money on research and just write down “God” on their paper work.

R. M.

After removal of cancerous cells from the prostate 6 weeks prior, it was feared that the cancer may have spread. Thanks to the prayers of the Healing Rooms team and others, God blessed Larry with a clean bill of health and his strength returned

E. S. (for L. B.)

Peace of Mind

I came in to the Healing Rooms in August after noticing it when I was passing by. I asked for prayer for complete healing of my mind and to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
That same evening, back at the Elizabeth Fry Society, I felt a moment of total peace in my mind, like an ocean of deep massaging peace. God gave me His peace. God is a healing God!

E. E.

Back Problems

After prayer, I left and went home. No apparent change took place during the session. However, I did experience the presence of God during the session.
Later, at home, as I walked in, I knew the Lord was doing something as His presence continued to hover around my back. When I woke up the joint that was continuously popping out was back in place and I have not had a problem since. This was confirmed by the Chiropractor who has been seeing me up to 3 times a week for the past 2 to 3 years.

R. S.

When I got in the Barrie Healing Rooms, there was a strong presence of God and we all started to laugh. It got very hot and the pain in my back left while we were laughing.

M. C.

I had severe pain in my upper back and after I came to the Healing Rooms, my back felt a great deal better. I thank the Lord for this.

T. C.

I want to thank the Lord for healing my back. I was at the Barrie Healing Rooms on a Friday when the volunteers were not present. I had come to pick up a “healing cloth” to give to a friend who lives out of province. Shortly after touching the cloth, to my great surprise, I realized that the pain in my back was completely gone. No one prayed for me. I left later that day for holidays and the symptoms and the pain never came back. Ironically, when I picked up the cloth I never thought that I would end up being the one who would receive a healing.

F. L.

In September, I received prayer at the Barrie Healing Rooms for pain caused by a degenerating disc in my lower back. Since that night, I have not experienced any pain in that area.
I praise the Lord for His healing work and now tell people about my “regenerating disc” that God placed His hand on, through the caring and sensitive prayer team. This was release from chronic back pain, which goes back to a fall I sustained nearly 30 years ago!

J. S.

Ligaments and Tendons

I was a vendor at Promenade Days in Barrie and my booth was right across from the Barrie Healing Rooms. They came over and introduced themselves to me and told me if I needed anything (washroom or whatever), I should just come over and ask. They invited me for prayer, so I went over to chat and they asked me if they could pray over my hand which had torn tendons and soft tissue damage. When they were praying over my hand, I felt a hot tingling feeling up my entire arm.
After my healing, I took my brace off. I was able to move my fingers and make a fist. This was an injury that was supposed to require surgery. It was nothing short of a miracle!
Afterwards I rededicated my life to Christ. Jesus is the way to heal. Amen!

A. P.

Hepatitis B and C

I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B & C last year. I received prayer. Today I went to the doctor for a check up and he marveled at the results. I was lucky but I know it was the Great Physician Jesus who healed me. Thank you, Lord!

J. M.


I’ve been here twice. The first time was in January. I’ve been healed of fibromyalgia and thyroid problems.
Praise God for He is faithful. I love you, Lord!

K. B.

Anxiety and Depression

Thanks for your prayers. I am doing much better at managing my pain and anxiety. I feel more hopeful and am able to enjoy life a lot better.
My niece was also healed from some awful sickness that was threatening to dehydrate her.
God is good. I am very thankful for His love.

B. D.

I received many words of encouragement for my life as the workers prayed for me. Through their prayers, God was confirming what He was speaking to my heart.
I have since taken the training for the Healing Rooms and enjoy praying for the sick. It’s a real blessing to see how individuals are being touched as they receive prayer.

L. F.


Severe Cold

I received prayer a week ago Monday night because I had a cold that came back a second time; then it looked like it was returning again. Since it had lasted more than a month, I thought I might have to make a doctors appointment. But then Dr. Jesus stepped in and a couple of days after receiving prayer, all the symptoms left and have not returned.
Praise God! Thanks to the Lord and the willing servants on the prayer team.

J. S.


10 minutes after a 30-second prayer for throbbing in my side, as I was driving home, I felt heat in that area. After an ultrasound, it revealed a mild hemorrhaging cyst on the ovary. After more prayer, the throbbing is virtually gone!
Also, after prayer, my back is much better!

L. F. G.

Chest Cold

I came in for prayer for my throat in January. Pastors Jerry and Fern prayed for my throat. The air passages were restricted due to a chest cold.
Praise be to God, since the prayer, healing has continued to flow and air passages are open. Glory!

C. H.


God is helping me read and write more easily. He took away the tension from my eye muscles. I can read better now.
The second time you prayed for me, my spine also aligned.
Thank you, Lord Jesus.

E. A.


In September, I requested prayer for pain in my left shoulder and arm, along with almost total hearing loss to my right ear due to infection. Within a few days, the pain was gone from my shoulder and arm, and partial hearing (60%) returned to my right ear. It has steadily improved to about 75%.
Praise the Lord for his healing touch and for those who facilitated the healing here through prayer.

E. S.

Bladder Problems

I came for prayer for a leaking bladder. I was told by doctors several years ago that my only solution was surgery. I’ve had this a long time. Since the prayer, I have not had an “accident” yet. I sleep through the night without protection. Praise God.
Additional blessings came from God’s heart to me through prayer about finances, stress, marriage and guilt. I was blessed!

L. G.